Random Bits

This is a catch-all bin for random bits of things. (video.travel.) 2014/02. Short video (2:27) of wildlife on the river called “The Los Angeles River is Kind of Wild.” Link here to my main post on the River. >> Ryan […]

Ask a Crazy Question…

(idea.travel.)  …get a crazy answer. Can you make some magic tubes that bring natural sunlight down into an abandoned subway terminal, sufficiently to permit photosynthesis in plants and transform the space into the world’s first underground park? The answer may be […]

Greenway Loop in Tampa.

(idea.travel.)  After welcoming the 2013 National Brownfields Conference to Atlanta and highlighting our city’s signature brownfields project, Lena Young introduced herself to me. She was excited by its similarity to an idea she has been working on in Tampa called […]

Drone Attack!

(video.)  I was struck down by a drone while touring the Atlanta Beltline with Fitz of Photomotion (3:07). Minutes later, we met Danté from “Danté’s down the Hatch.” Amazing day. Thanks to Fitz, who got the tour through a silent […]

Bridging Public Space.

(idea.travel.)  Terry Swartz, the director of the Cleveland Urban Design Collaborative, invited me up for a talk about the Atlanta Beltline. While I was there she showed me some amazing things going on around town – a new greenway being […]

Ever Walked in Sprawl?

(idea.video.)  This road is somewhere. But it could be anywhere. It is designed for cars, not for people, and it creates something opposite of “place.” Upon investigation, however, at a slower speed, it turns out there is a valuable place […]

Queen of Queens.

(idea.travel.)  I had been following the QueensWay online but when I had a chance to see it in March of 2013, I was surprised by the variety of its physical experience. In a way, it feels more like the Atlanta […]

Born on the Bayou.

(idea.travel.)  Houston was born on the bayou – a lucky confluence of water, land, and two determined brothers. The earth in Houston is very flat, making even light rains a celebration of storm drainage design. The largest part of this […]

Reading Philadelphia.

(idea.travel.)  I like to talk to people working the ground game on infrastructure projects that seem to be reconnecting communities with their city’s history and spinning off new cultural life in the process. I had heard from a friend about […]

Exploring the 606.

(idea.travel.)  I was not able to reconnect with anybody working on the 606, so when I had the chance to visit Chicago, I went exploring on my own. This 3-mile project is basically a concrete box filled with earth that […]

This Walk Was Epic.

(idea.video.)  On Saturday, February 11, 2011, over 450 people showed up to see the southern end of the old Southern Railway for the very last time in its raw state. The idea for the walk started with Angel Poventud, one of […]

Model in Minneapolis.

(idea.travel.)  Since the Midtown Greenway is an early conversion of a railroad corridor that has reserved space for a future transit line, we used it a lot in the early days of the Atlanta Beltline’s grassroots effort as our most […]


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